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Smart motorways: fines or re-training for those who break the rules

The government is investigating fining more drivers who ignore lane closures on smart motorways. Highways England, which manages the motorway network, is currently trialling cameras designed to automatically snap cars driving in lanes marked with a red cross. Drivers caught illegally using the closed lanes could then be hit with a £100 fine. And police […]

Expert advice: Dos and don’ts for stopping on motorway hard shoulders

A motorway hard shoulder is a dangerous place to spend time. Recent figures released by the Highways Agency revealed that between 2011 and 2016 there were 403 collisions on Britain’s motorway hard shoulders. Over that five-year period there were hundreds of injuries and, sadly, 38 deaths. All our technicians receive comprehensive training on what to […]

A year of complaining: how the Motor Ombudsman helps drivers

Dealing with complaints for an entire year probably won’t seem like anyone’s idea of a good time. But that is exactly what the Motor Ombudsman was set up for. And after a year of resolving disputes between drivers and garages, the organisation says complaints remain high. Founded last November, the Motor Ombudsman is a voluntary and fully […]

MOT 2018: what the changes are and what they mean for drivers

Next year the UK government is planning to bring in MOT changes. The tweaks to the annual vehicle roadworthiness test have been designed to make life easier for drivers preserving historically interesting ‘classic’ cars. But critics say they will increase the number of unsafe cars on the country’s roads. Further changes are afoot too. The […]

Smoking harms car resale value. How to spot a smoker’s motor

We all know smoking is bad for us. But now there’s conclusive evidence that it’s harmful to our car’s health as well. Anyone who partakes in the evil weed will realise that smoking is an expensive hobby. But the impact on our pocket doesn’t stop with buying tobacco or cigarettes. It can keep on hurting […]