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Revealed: Roads worth avoiding during the Rugby World Cup

Roads worth avoiding

Rugby World Cup matches equal large crowds which means congested roads around grounds

The roads worth avoiding during the Rugby World Cup have been revealed by Green Flag – and surprisingly they’re not all in London. In fact the analysis, carried out during September 2015, revealed that Elland Road in Leeds is expected to be the most congested rugby ground in the country.

The Rugby World Cup climaxes at Twickenham on the outskirts of London on Saturday October 31. Green Flag data reveals that more than half a million breakdowns will take place in the UK during the course of the tournament. That’s a breakdown every seven seconds.
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Breakdown causes: Why Green Flag is called out

Breakdown causes

Sensible drivers have breakdown cover and ring to be rescued

For some drivers, Friday the 13th really will be unlucky. They’ll be the thousands of car owners whose vehicles break down. Obviously cars are very complex machines with a lot of different components working together. At Green Flag we’re proud of our ability to get members’ cars going again when we attend breakdowns. And last year we helped out nearly 200,000 people. Here are the most popular reasons for calling out our technicians in 2014.  Continue reading

Green Flag promises to help Father Christmas – whoever he may be

Father Christmas

“Is this how you put fuel into one of these?” A Green Flag patrol helps get Father Christmas’s stalled sleigh going again

Green Flag is spreading festive cheer for the hundreds of temporary workers playing Father Christmas this year. Any Santa who breaks down on his way to the grotto will be entitled to complimentary cover over the holiday period courtesy of the break down provider.  Continue reading

How Green Flag’s training keeps you and yours safe

Green Flag roadside recovery technicians are trained to the highest industry standard

It’s late, the traffic is bad and the kids are asking the perennial ‘are we there yet?’ Time to take a break. After filling up with fuel and picking up drinks and snacks, the final push for home can begin. And then it happens. As you pull away from the pumps, the car’s engine splutters, warning lights glow like Christmas decorations and suddenly you realise you’ve filled up with the wrong fuel. This is where Green Flag’s training kicks in.  Continue reading

How to cope with a motorway breakdown

Slow moving motorway traffic. But what happens if you break down in it? Read on to find out (Picture © Volvo)

Slow moving motorway traffic. But what happens if you break down in it? Read on to find out (Picture © Volvo)

Motorways might be safe roads to drive on but they can be a nightmare to break down on. What should you do if your car conks out in the fast lane? Where’s the safest place to stand? Who do you contact and what will they do? This answers all those questions and more.  Continue reading

Green Flag driving forward into new Premiership Rugby season

Head to head. From the left: Joe Marler; George Skivington; Alistair Hargreaves and James Haskell get ready to rumble

Head to head. From the left: Joe Marler; George Skivington; Alistair Hargreaves and James Haskell get ready to rumble

Green Flag launches a ‘Tweet your seat’ competition at the Premiership Rugby London Double Header at Twickenham on 6 September. Anyone who tweets @GreenFlagUK throughout the season with a picture of themselves in their seat is in with a chance of winning a piece of signed merchandise from their chosen Premiership Rugby club.  Continue reading

Dolly and Green Flag get Glastonbury fans going

Green Flag members on their way to the 2014 Glastonbury Festival were shocked to find that it wasn’t just a technician who turned up to get them going again. Dolly Parton was in his van too.

But rather than the queen of country and western, the national breakdown provider had actually teamed up with Dolly tribute act, Kelly O’Brien. While James set to work fixing cars that had conked out within 20 miles of the Glastonbury festival site, ‘Dolly’ entertained them with her famous pink acoustic guitar.

Green Flag’s Sam Taylor said: “One of the most anticipated acts at Glastonbury this year is Dolly Parton. So what better way to keep festival goers who’ve broken down in the mood than with a special roadside performance from the country’s number one Dolly Parton tribute act? Our technicians don’t just work nine to five, they work around the clock to get people where they need to be no matter what.”