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Expert advice: How you can beat the Christmas food coma this year

An estimated 24 million drivers are expected to hit the road after eating their Christmas dinner on December 25th. Nothing unusual about that. What worries me is they could experience side effects from over eating that affect their driving in a similar way to drinking. I’m a qualified nutritionist and have spent years studying the […]

Expert advice: winter car faults and simple fixes to resolve them

Here in the UK, we might have had an exceptionally warm summer followed by so far, a mild autumn. But winter car faults are just around the corner, waiting to plague our motors and interfere with our best-laid plans. Every year at Green Flag we see an increase in call outs as the weather gets […]

Expert advice: how to know when your brake pads need replacing

Braking and brake pads are vitally important when it comes to road safety. We’re frequently so consumed with how fast cars can go or the economy they return that we forget how important stopping is. And anyone who’s had any kind of brake failure will testify to what a terrifying experience it can be. But […]

Expert advice: how to replace a car’s battery

We usually think that cold weather takes its toll on car batteries and causes them to fail. But it’s frequently hot weather that does the damage. Heat dries batteries out, causing them to lose their charge more quickly. Then when temperatures fall, oil thickens up, it takes more current to turn an engine over to […]