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Learner drivers to be allowed on motorways for the first time from June

The government has confirmed learner drivers will be allowed on motorways from June this year. It’s one of the biggest single changes to the process of learning to drive since the driving test was introduced in 1935. Overwhelming approval during a government consultation led to the green light. Learners will now be able to drive […]

Smart motorways: fines or re-training for those who break the rules

The government is investigating fining more drivers who ignore lane closures on smart motorways. Highways England, which manages the motorway network, is currently trialling cameras designed to automatically snap cars driving in lanes marked with a red cross. Drivers caught illegally using the closed lanes could then be hit with a £100 fine. And police […]

Electric car charging points: how easy is it to ‘refuel’ an EV?

More electric cars than ever are being sold in the UK. But if you’re one of those thinking about plugging into electric motoring, you’ll want to know about charging points. After all, having a shiny new electric vehicle (EV) isn’t much use if you can’t charge it regularly and reliably. Here’s what you should know […]

Does it mean air-con or stop-start? Car owners confused by tech symbols

The best labels should explain instantly what something is or does. Yet with a lot of in-car technology, drivers don’t know what the dashboard symbols mean. And in some cases they think the buttons operate a different function altogether. That was the outcome of research conducted by online car seller It asked 1000 drivers […]

New drivers face more limits with Graduated Driver Licensing

New drivers could face a strict probationary period after they’ve passed their test. Plans drawn up by the government will restrict what newly qualified drivers can do when they hit the road. The government wants to slash the disproportionately high number of accidents involving the 17-24 age group. A Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) spokesperson […]