Fuel shortage advice: how to use less petrol while driving

The fuel shortage is causing queues and chaos all over the country. Right now, we’re encouraging all drivers to make sure they only hit the road if they’re certain they have enough fuel to make the trip.

If you are heading out, you’ll probably want to use as little fuel as possible. Well, just follow these steps and you’ll get the most out of the fuel you’ve already got.

1. Slow down and stay steady

It’s the easiest step of all. Keeping your speed down and at a consistent level can reduce fuel consumption of the engine. It should mean less braking as well, which will help keep the tank fuller for longer.

2. Find the shortest route (but avoid motorways)

Plan ahead and find the shortest route to your destination.

If you can, it’s worth finding a route that avoids motorways as well. This will help keep your journey as economical as possible.

3. Lose weight from the car 

Whilst this is an obvious one, avoid carrying unnecessary weight in the vehicle. It doesn’t take a lot of extra weight to put some serious strain on the car, and that leads to higher fuel consumption.

4. Turn off the air con and close your windows

Using air conditioning during your journey can increase a car’s fuel consumption. In addition, keeping windows open can create a drag in the car, which will also see your tank empty much faster.

Suddenly the weather taking a turn isn’t all that bad…

5. Multi-tasking saves money

Whilst we’re urging drivers to only drive their car if needed, it’s best to combine multiple short trips into one longer journey if you can.

You’ll use less fuel to warm up the engine if you only hit the road once.

6. Check your tyre pressure and oil level

Ensuring your tyres are at the correct pressure allows them to run at optimum fuel efficiency. While it may be tricky to pump them up at a petrol station right now, if you can do it at home, it’ll really help.

The same goes for your oil. Check to make sure your oil level is where it should be. If you need to top up, check the type of oil you use; some oils can help your engine perform more efficiently.

7. Give the car a break

If you find yourself stuck in heavy traffic or waiting for passengers, and it’s safe for you to do so, turn off the engine to avoid wasting fuel.

Here at Green Flag, we’re still able to help customers that have broken down, but the fuel shortage is having an impact on our services. You can find out more on our fuel shortage updates page.

4 comments on “Fuel shortage advice: how to use less petrol while driving

  1. Raymond Stevens 27/09/2021 5:01 PM

    use an electric bike saves fuel, and if you ride around London you will probably reach your destination quicker than you would in a car

  2. Mike Leslie 27/09/2021 7:50 PM

    even electric car don’t use fuel either so

  3. Tonto 01/10/2021 9:24 PM

    Look turn your car off in cold weather at your peril, drive it cautious in bad weather when it’s cold get a battery that’s capable of your car, if this fails get rid of your car.

  4. Tonto 01/10/2021 9:29 PM

    Drive as you always do, doesn’t make a happeth of difference but your high powered engine will cost you.

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