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Expert advice: How to stay safe driving at night

When we’re heading off on our summer holidays, many of us choose driving at night because the roads are quieter after dark. It can make for a quicker, cheaper and less stressful journey. But it can also be more dangerous. According to government figures, around four out of 10 road accidents occur after dark. Considering […]

Driving in floods and heavy rain

Attribution by (contact) With January 2014 the wettest month since records began, driving through flood water or heavy rain is becoming a daily reality for millions of UK drivers. But there are very real dangers to entering deep water ‑ for drivers and their vehicles. Howard Crook of Re-think specialises in teaching drivers to […]

Disqualified drivers: 18 banned drivers stopped at the wheel every day

New figures show some worrying trends on Britain’s roads: thousands of disqualified drivers have been caught at the wheel; the number of drink drivers is on the up; and there’s been a rise in the number of untaxed cars. Official statistics from the Ministry of Justice found 6592 disqualified drivers were stopped for driving in […]