distracted drivers

Eating, drinking, smoking: most common driver distractions

Driver distraction

Does driver distraction play a part in your motoring life? Are you a habitual nose-picker during the morning rush hour? Do you put on lipstick or brush your hair in traffic? Maybe you air-drum to your favourite tune on the radio? Or perhaps you reach for the electric shaver and smarten up on the way to a meeting?

Of course, as a responsible law-abiding driver, you’re shaking your head in disbelief: none of these descriptions rings true for you. However, according to a new survey, there are plenty of other drivers who do engage in deadly in-car habits.

Who’s not been paying attention?

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Is the Apple ‘iWatch’ legal to use when driving?

The DfT reveals the Apple Watch is not legal to use when driving

(Picture © Apple)

Drivers face a lot of potential distractions from today’s technology, and Apple’s new watch – dubbed the ‘iWatch’ – will be the latest to join the list when it goes on sale in the UK in spring. But drivers who count themselves as fans of the Apple brand shouldn’t get too excited just yet – Apple’s Watch will be illegal to use when driving.  Continue reading