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Big fuel savings for better drivers. We show you how to reap them

Fuel savings

Drivers who’re more aggressive at the wheel could use significantly more fuel

Drivers with a light foot can save themselves £562 a year according to a new report. By anticipating the road ahead better, drivers can save money at the pumps and almost halve the amount they have to fill up every year.

Insurer Direct Line compiled the findings using information from drivers with telematics ‘black boxes’ fitted to their cars. It analysed 319,000 journeys over a two-month period and concluded calm, less aggressive drivers can make big fuel savings of nearly £11 a week.

What did the report find out?

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Road casualties increase: drivers warned over emerging internet threat

Road casualties increase

Road casualties have gone up for the first time in 17 years prompting calls for government action

As road casualties increase, the government is coming under pressure to review and reinstate ambitious crash reduction targets. A report by road safety charity Brake, along with partner the insurer Direct Line, highlights some of the reasons behind the first rise for 17 years. Factors include an increasing use of the internet while at the wheel and young drivers being more likely to text while driving. As a result of the report, Brake has come up with a series of suggestions for the government to pursue.  Continue reading

Drink-drive limit: Calls to halve it to cut number of drivers prosecuted

Drink-drive limit

Drink driving prosecutions have been cut in Scotland by reducing the limit

The police want to slash the drink-drive limit by nearly a half amid concerns that women drivers are increasingly being caught over the limit. The Police Federation of England and Wales has called for the tougher legislation. It could mean a pint of beer will be enough to put some drivers over the drink-drive limit.  Continue reading