Driving in Europe

Driving abroad: all you need to know plus cover for insurance, breakdown

Driving abroad arranging insurance and breakdown cover checking local laws and loading the car safe

When it comes to setting off for a holiday on the continent, drivers and families have a packing list as long as beach towel. But it’s easy to forget one or more vital elements. European insurance, breakdown cover, extra kit to comply with foreign laws and your driving licence are all indispensable. And unlike a missing tube of sun cream, these aren’t easy to organise abroad and missing them can take the joy out of a much-needed break.

That’s why it’s important that drivers write out a list of everything they and their car need for the trip. That way, there should be no danger of conking out on the hard shoulder only to find that your car insurance doesn’t include breakdown cover abroad. Or that the tool to release wheel nuts is at home in the garage.

Millions of Brits prefer to drive rather than fly, given the affordability, practicality and flexibility it gives them. Here are the things you’ll need for a road trip abroad.

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Summer getaway 2015: Handy hints to help drivers

Summer getaway

There are plenty of things to get wrong if you’re driving abroad this summer (Picture © TomTom)

As drivers gear up for the 2015 summer getaway, 20 million Brits are planning on driving abroad. But new research has revealed that 12 million of them could drive on the wrong side of the road. The Europe-wide survey of more than 10,000 drivers found that 71 per cent don’t know the driving regulations of popular holiday destinations.  Continue reading