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Beat the bogus buyers: how to safely sell a used car privately

Beat the bogus buyers: how to safely sell a used car privately

When selling a car, what driver doesn’t want to get the most money for their motor? That’s why each year nearly three million people choose to advertise their car for sale and handle the process themselves. They can cut out a dealer – or more significantly, the dealer’s margin – and secure the best price for their used car.

However, police and the largest online classified car retailers are warning drivers to beware of bogus buyers.

Car thieves are posing as legitimate used car buyers, as they seek easy prey. And drivers are being warned that if they don’t take sensible steps to protect their vehicle, few insurers will settle any subsequent claim against theft.

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Car value: How much is your car worth?

Car value

You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised when you discover how much your car is really worth

The value of a car is important for most drivers. Whether you want to buy or sell a motor, or just make yourself feel better (or worse!) about how much it’s worth, knowing a car’s value is vital. It’ll enable you to confirm that a car you’re buying has been fairly priced and know that you’re not losing precious pounds on one that you’re selling.

But as few car owners work in the motor trade, what’s the best way to calculate your car’s value? Happily there are many tools available to help with this. Read on to find out how to value any used car.

Car value: try sales or auction sites

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How to sell your car: work out what it’s worth with a free valuation

How to sell your car: work out what it’s worth with a free valuation

Every day, approximately 20,000 drivers begin the head-scratching process of selling their car. A staggering 7.2 million were sold in 2014, the last full year figures are available for, which means for every new car bought, 3.3 used cars were sold.

For drivers who are changing their car for another, the first hurdle is to find out what your existing motor is worth. Because whether selling it privately or trading it in to a dealer against the value of a new or used car, you could end up hundreds or thousands of pounds out of pocket if you don’t do your homework.

Although you might view selling your car as a daunting process, it’s the work of a moment; something you can do while enjoying a cup of tea with biscuits. Follow this guide to accurately value and sell your car for the best price.

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