Hit by an unfair parking ticket? A new tool should make appealing easier

Unfair parking ticket

That familiar sinking feeling… Now there’s a new tool to help make appealing unfair tickets easier

Every year millions of drivers are hit with an unfair parking ticket – penalties that they don’t think they should have received. Now a new online tool has been launched to help drivers appeal these fines that they believe are unjust. The helpful portal was rolled out earlier this year by Brighton and Hove Council on the south coast. But by the end of 2016 it is hoped every local authority in England and Wales will be using it to help drivers deal with the Traffic Penalty Tribunal more easily.

Most don’t appeal an unfair parking ticket

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The boom in bus lane fines: how to appeal a ticket or PCN

Bus lane fines are drivers' latest menace

One bus lane camera in south London has so far raised more than £6m in fines (Picture © iStock)

First it was officious parking wardens, then it was hidden speed cameras; now comes a new menace to motorists: bus-lane ‘entrapment’.

Underhand tactics are being blamed for a massive rise in fines handed out to drivers who are caught straying into a bus lane. Five years ago, approximately 321,000 bus lane fines or ‘infringement tickets’ were issued. But last year that figure had climbed to over one million, raising around £30million in revenue for cash-strapped councils.

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