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Lack of computer chips causes new car shortage. How and why?

computer chips
Computer chips are an integral part of car manufacture (Picture iStock/Madmaxer)

Anyone who’s tried to buy a brand-new car this year may well have been disappointed. Dealers will happily sell you one. But actually getting to enjoy that new-car smell and all the electronic wizardry a new car will feature now involves a lengthy wait.

The delays are all down to a shortage of a part that costs a few quid. They are called integrated circuits or semi-conductor chips, more commonly known as computer chips. There’s even a knock-on to used cars with prices of these increasing. Read on for the full story.

What are computer chips?

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New test drive service aims to make new car buying easier and better

Test drive service

Trying before you buy is vital. And if possible, take the whole family for second, third and fourth opinions

A new test drive service is being launched to help drivers choose their next new car more efficiently. Trying a new car before buying it is so vital it gets an importance rating of 8.3 out of 10 from buyers according to research by company Testdrives2u. But other surveys show that as many as one in 10 don’t bother with test drives. With car buyers increasingly pushed for time, the new service could revolutionise buying a car.

How the new test drive service works

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