Car theft

UK car theft hotspots: Range Rover drivers in London most at risk

Car theft hotspots

Car crime isn’t the problem it used to be but cars are still being stolen

If you drive a Range Rover Sport and live in London you stand more chance of becoming a victim of car crime according to a new ranking of car theft hotspots.

The survey reveals that after London, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands were the UK’s car theft hotspots in 2015. The list has been compiled by Tracker, a company that specialises in stolen vehicle recovery by using a transmitter hidden in the vehicle that enables police to find it if it’s recorded as stolen.

Where are the car theft hotspots?

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Va va voom: French drivers bid ‘au revoir’ to their cars as high-tech car theft rises

Car theft in the UK is rising, with thieves hacking cars' electronic security systems

The number of cars being stolen by criminals hacking vehicles’ electronic systems is escalating. Earlier this year it was revealed that nearly half the cars stolen in London last year were taken without the key. Now new figures from across the Channel show that an estimated three quarters of cars stolen in France are targeted by ‘cyber criminals’ using electronic hacking.

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Britain’s most stolen cars: luxury SUVs top list

Britain's most stolen cars by Tracker

The BMW X5 and many Land Rover models are being targeted by car thieves (Picture © BMW)

Britain’s ‘most stolen’ cars have been revealed and prestige models from BMW, Land Rover and Mercedes top the list. Each year Tracker, a maker of car security equipment, publishes a list of the 10 most stolen and recovered cars that are fitted with its devices. And if you’re thinking of buying an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), or already own one, Tracker’s latest findings make sobering reading.  Continue reading