Reliability Index

How to choose a reliable used car – and avoid one that may break down

Reliable used car

Drivers may be tempted to imagine that the most reliable cars are the most expensive models from the poshest brands. But the latest independent surveys of car owners suggest otherwise.

Audi, BMW and Land Rover can be found languishing at the bottom of tables ranking the most and least reliable car makers. And budget brands, including Skoda and Suzuki, are often given the highest ratings.

It means that when buying a used or new car, drivers should do their homework carefully. If they don’t, they run the risk of their car being off the road and unexpected repair bills.

To help inform car buyers, we’ve got some top tips on how to choose a car that won’t let you down.

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Halloween horror car: Think your car’s bad? Check out this nightmare

Halloween horror car

Fright Night: What the Halloween horror car looks like (Picture © Warranty Direct)

If you reckon you’re experiencing woe on four wheels, check out the Halloween horror car. It gives up the ghost every other month and costs nearly £500 every time it needs repairing. Thankfully this dodgy device doesn’t actually exist. It’s a Frankenstein’s monster of an unreliable motor that’s been put together by car guarantee company Warranty Direct.

The firm has imagined just how unreliable a car could be. It has taken data from 50,000 live policies and put together a motor built of components from the worst performing models in each category of its Reliability Index. Surprisingly, Japanese motors – usually feted for their bullet-proof reliability – feature prominently.
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Car reliability ranks highest among drivers

Car reliability ranks highest among drivers

Hoping to avoid break downs? The Honda Jazz is Britain’s most reliable car according to a warranty company (Picture © Honda)

Being stranded roadside is never an appealing prospect and a new survey proves it, showing car reliability ranks highest among drivers. The research was carried out for What Car’s Motoring Panel of 4000 buyers. It asked them which of 29 elements was the most important to them when it comes to buying a new or used car. Two thirds said reliability was the most crucial factor. The excellence of the car’s finish and the brand’s reputation for quality were the next most important.  Continue reading

How young drivers can cut motoring costs

Not every young driver can afford a new car... But whatever they choose, the smaller and safer the better (Picture © Peugeot)

Not every young driver can afford a new car… But whatever they choose, the smaller and safer the better (Picture © Peugeot)

Being a young driver is a tricky business. Not only do they have the astronomical cost of fuel to contend with but they also get stung on the price of car insurance. And then of course there’s the purchase price of the car to consider as well. But there are some steps youngsters can take to cut the cost of driving.

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