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Halloween horror car: Think your car’s bad? Check out this nightmare

Halloween horror car

Fright Night: What the Halloween horror car looks like (Picture © Warranty Direct)

If you reckon you’re experiencing woe on four wheels, check out the Halloween horror car. It gives up the ghost every other month and costs nearly £500 every time it needs repairing. Thankfully this dodgy device doesn’t actually exist. It’s a Frankenstein’s monster of an unreliable motor that’s been put together by car guarantee company Warranty Direct.

The firm has imagined just how unreliable a car could be. It has taken data from 50,000 live policies and put together a motor built of components from the worst performing models in each category of its Reliability Index. Surprisingly, Japanese motors – usually feted for their bullet-proof reliability – feature prominently.
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Is buying a used car warranty worth it? What is and isn’t covered?

Is a used car warranty worth having?

What is a used car warranty?

Whether or not you buy a used car warranty depends on the type of person you are. Are you prepared to gamble and hope that nothing will go wrong with a used car? Will you save a small amount of money each month to build up a fund for running and repairing your car? Or would you prefer to play it safe? If the answer is play it safe, then you should consider taking out a used car warranty. This is essentially an insurance policy against the cost of parts and labour following any mechanical or electrical failure.  Continue reading

How to choose the most reliable supermini

Mazda dealership servicing area

Checking whether the car you want to buy should be reliable is easy to do (Picture © Mazda)

It used to be one of the most difficult questions to answer for a car buyer – what is the most reliable car money can buy? Yet is has always been one of the most important too, as no driver wants to invest their hard-earned cash in a car that’s going to be as temperamental as a toddler.  Continue reading

£6bn not enough to fix pothole plague

Pothole plague

Potholes have become a regular and unwelcome feature of our motoring landscape. (Picture © Warranty Direct)

The Government’s promised £6 billion over six years to tackle the country’s pothole plague won’t be enough to fix the huge backlog of road repairs, according to councils. Some local authorities claim it will take them £100m to complete work on the holes in the road that can wreck car tyres, wheels and suspension partsContinue reading