New car warranty

Warranty woe: How new car drivers can keep their warranty valid

Warranty woe

You don’t have to use a car maker’s garage to preserve a new car warranty. You do have to ensure an independent follows manufacturer guidelines

Do you suffer from warranty woe? It’s a condition that befalls many drivers. Your new car comes with a warranty. But you’re a bit confused and concerned by it rather than viewing it as the comforting safety blanket that the car maker intends.

The majority of new car warranties last for three years and 60,000 or 100,000 miles. Some last for five or seven years. However, they all have at least two things in common: they protect you and the car against defects relating to materials, fittings and manufacturing faults; and you can invalidate them easily if you’re not careful.

In its most basic terms a warranty is a contract between the manufacturer and vehicle owner. The car’s maker promises to take care of repairing parts stated in the contract; the owner undertakes to maintain the vehicle in the way the car maker specifies. Continue reading

Expert advice: New car warranties and how to make a claim


Guide to new car warranties and how to make a claim

When you buy a new car you’re investing a lot of money into a very complex piece of equipment. You expect it to work efficiently for years to come, and the last thing anyone can afford to happen is that their new car proves temperamental and costs a small fortune in repair bills from the moment it’s parked outside their home. That’s where the manufacturer’s warranty comes in. There to protect you in the event of problems, a new car warranty should guard against repair bills for the first few years of ownership.  Continue reading