Quiz: Test how well you know the Highway Code

The cover of the first edition of the Highway Code, introduced in 1931

It’s one of the few books that never leaves the bestseller list, but ever since the Highway Code was first published, in 1931, few readers would admit to finding it a gripping page-turner.

However, the Highway Code has contributed to saving thousands of lives over the years. When launched, there were just 2.3 million cars on Britain’s roads, yet more than 7000 people were killed in road accidents each year. Today, there are more than 27 million cars on UK roads, but there are fewer than 2000 fatalities.

The driving standards book originally had just 24 pages of guidelines, with a single paragraph on how pedestrians should cross a road. Today, a whole chapter is dedicated to educating both pedestrians and drivers on safely reaching the other side of the road.

It also goes on to cover areas of digital technology, such as smartphones, which increasingly fight for a driver’s attention when they’re at the wheel.

To see how well you know the latest rules and regulations of the road, take this snapshot quiz and test your knowledge of the Highway Code.


Well done. It’s good to see your knowledge of the Highway Code is sound

Oh dear. You might want to sit down with a copy of the Highway Code and brush up

#1. How should you restrain a dog in a car?

Oops! Time to brush up on the Highway Code

#2. When towing a trailer, where should you place the weight of a load?

Oops! You need to brush up on the Highway Code

#3. For children of three years and over, what are the seating regulations in a car?

Oops! You need to brush up on the Highway Code

#4. Do Traffic Officers have powers to stop vehicles?

Oops! You need to brush up on the Highway Code

#5. Signs in traffic calming measures are…

Oops! You need to brush up on the Highway Code

#6. When driving, when should you listen to a voicemail on your phone?

Oops! You need to brush up on the Highway Code

#7. How often and when may you use the horn?

Oops! You need to brush up on the Highway Code

#8. Pedestrians, how should you cross a zebra crossing with an island?

Oops! You need to brush up on the Highway Code

#9. Hazard warning lights may be used

Oops! You need to brush up on the Highway Code

#10. Which of these statements is false?

Oops. Time to brush up on the Highway Code!


23 comments on “Quiz: Test how well you know the Highway Code

  1. Elaine 03/09/2016 3:52 PM

    Phew! So glad I passed that but so I should after 38 years of driving.

  2. Elaine 10/09/2016 7:58 AM

    Good little quiz, got the brain going for things I do automatic

  3. ian 10/09/2016 4:03 PM

    so i passed but 9 out of 10 is not good enough which question did i do miserably on.

  4. Frank Chandler 04/10/2016 2:50 PM

    some questions are ambiguous, such as the time one can sound your horn

    • JEFFREY Cooper 08/10/2016 7:30 AM

      I tend to agree Frank, I have always had it in the back of my mind that there was a reference to not using the horn late at night in urban areas.

  5. stuart devitt 08/10/2016 4:53 PM

    can you please tell me where the answer to question 7 is in the highway code?

    • James Mills 10/10/2016 2:53 PM

      Hi Stuart. You’ll find it under the ‘Signals by authorised persons’ section. Hope that helps.

    • stuart devitt 12/10/2016 5:25 PM

      thank you I must go and purchase an up to date version of the H.C.

  6. John Wagstaff 13/10/2016 2:44 PM

    Been driving since 1973 glad I got 10 out of 10

  7. Paul Anderson 13/10/2016 7:32 PM

    Its a good test for anyone, iv been driving 40 years and I think everyone should be tested at least every 5 years, that said I got 10/10 .

  8. Owen 18/10/2016 10:54 PM

    Q3: Ye fit? Turning off you’re phone before you drive IS the false statement, on silent works just as well. It is either my satnav or… nope, I’m driving. I check my mirrors for small mammals (my cats, and the common-senseless noise-tubes in my street (kids)).

  9. John Hales 20/10/2016 6:38 PM

    10/10 driving over 30 yrs

  10. Ron Cornell 09/11/2016 2:01 PM

    I achieved 9 out of 10 – I misread question three and got it wrong.But not bad after 40 years since I passed the driving test.

  11. Steve Bibby 06/12/2016 7:26 PM

    I did the same thing Ron question 3 !

  12. Colin Powell 16/12/2016 12:16 PM

    Well 4/10 isn’t that bad, considering I have no idea what a “Highway Code ” is. Why should I care about small mammals when I am starting off, rather than inappropriate clothes and shoes that stop me controlling the vehicle. Glad the army gave me a licence so I don’t need these strange “driving tests”.

  13. Miles richardson 18/01/2018 10:28 AM

    i got 10/10 and im only 14 ahahaha

  14. Ges Brown 27/01/2018 5:20 PM

    No. 2 was a bit confusing as common sense tells one to wait until traffic has stopped and treat the second crossing separately, but the Highway code says Traffic only has to stop for pedestrians actually on the crossing. I also agree with Colin above about the appropriate dress etc. as that is far more important than the small mammals check, which would mean looking under the car, and the bonnet. Also mirrors will not give 100% view of the outside anyway. I always check mirrors for vehicles and pedestrians. Obviously if I did spot a mammal I would not drive over it !

  15. Ges Brown 27/01/2018 5:24 PM

    oops, I misread No. 3 so apologies for that. So did Colin I guess !

  16. Mr Nic Grey 20/06/2020 6:53 AM

    Personally i think appropriate clothing is more important than checking for small mammals, as they would ,i assume, scarper when you start the engine up ! I’m an animal loving vegetarian but have never checked for mammals …perhaps i should !!

  17. Robert Stevenson 27/12/2020 3:04 PM

    8 out 10 Do me bah !

  18. Ian 06/10/2022 9:59 AM

    Some comments are unfair saying they are ambiguous,read them carefully you will come to the right answer.

  19. Jan 08/05/2023 10:04 PM

    Once knew someone who drove either barefoot or in high stilettoes. I think being dressed correctly for the controls is rather important. Many may vainly not use suitable footwear and that’s more dangerous than checking for a stray cat.

  20. Kenneth Mack 17/02/2024 10:59 PM

    8/10 been driving for 2 months, that’s since December 2023! Majority of these things are trivia, however I absolutely love that sort of stuff! Never a dull moment driving with me, any passenger I have I like to point out these things, not many people know Majority of said things.

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