Vehicle recalls

What drivers should know about the Audi and Mercedes diesel recalls

UK to ban diesel and petrol cars from sale by 2040

Mercedes has announced a recall of three million diesel cars worldwide. And Audi said it will carry out repairs to nearly a million of its diesel models. The moves come as the German car makers scramble to reduce levels of harmful toxic emissions and restore drivers’ faith in diesel engines.

In 2015, the Volkswagen Group confessed to cheating at US environmental tests. It has subsequently been forced to carry out fixes to around 11m cars worldwide.

Yesterday the European Commission confirmed that it is conducting an investigation into German car makers over allegations of a cartel that colluded over technology.

With one bad news story after another, here’s what drivers need to know about the latest Mercedes recall.

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How to tell if your car has been recalled

Toyota had to recall millions of vehicles including the Prius (Picture © Toyota)

Toyota had to recall millions of vehicles including the Prius (Picture © Toyota)

Cars are by far the most complicated mechanical good consumers can buy, each consisting of around 12,000 components. Sometimes one or more of those parts goes wrong, either because they’ve been designed incorrectly or the materials used in them aren’t up to the job. Often this will result in the car being recalled for corrective work by the manufacturer; there were 480 notices served in 2013 on all vehicles from motorbikes to lorries. Here’s what you need to know.  Continue reading