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Mum and Dad’s taxi service is worth up to £28,000 a year

Mum and Dad’s taxi service is worth up to £28,000 a year

It’s a common grumble amongst parents across Britain: life can feel like it’s a constant cycle of Mum and Dad’s taxi service. Now research reveals how much time the typical parent spends ferrying their kids around – and the numbers could cause a family squabble.

A total of 2000 parents who drove were asked to share their driving history. On average every month, Brits clock up nearly 12 hours at the wheel, make 47 car journeys and travel 250 miles. In London, that would be the equivalent to £28,000 a year in taxi bills.

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Used car buying guide: best seven-seat family cars for £15,000

A used Ford S-Max is an ideal seven-seat family car

A used Ford S-Max makes an ideal seven-seat family car (Picture © Ford)

It’s a telling sign that seven-seat family cars, sometimes referred to as people carriers or MPVs, are in demand. Auto Trader, the largest of the used car classified websites, recently revealed that the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso, a seven-seat family car, is its fastest-selling used car. On average, used examples are bought within 15 days of being advertised, compared with an average of 55 days for other cars.  Continue reading