House rules

We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable online, so please stick to these house rules when interacting with Green Flag.

We reserve the right to remove, report and/or take action in relation to any third-party comments or content on our social media channels that contain any of the following:

  • Discrimination of any kind: sexist, ageist, racist, homophobic etc.
  • Spam or any kind of advertising content or that contains links to any other website or is posted multiple times.
  • Any content which infringes any law.
  • Obscene, indecent, misleading or unlawful content, or anything that encourages unlawful activity or activity which could endanger the safety of others.
  • Any personal details.
  • Files which contain viruses, corrupted files, or those that may cause damage to people’s computers.
  • Any content that contains any swear words or language that is abusive or which may offend others.
  • Any posts that name Green Flag members of staff, without their permission.
  • Any content that is primarily aimed to discredit or harass our community members, our company or any other member of the public.
  • Any comments that appear to impersonate another person
  • Any comments that do not relate to the topic of the blog

All contributions are subject to our standard website terms and conditions and other policies.

And now that’s done; we’re pleased to have you in our online community and we look forward to hearing from you.

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