What does how you hold the steering wheel say about you?

Next time you’re in the car, look at how you hold the wheel and see if it matches one of our nine categories below (Picture iStock/Slonme)

It’s something we all do in our cars without even thinking about. But a new study reveals that how we hold the steering wheel actually says something about the kind character – and driver – we are.

Conducted by Select Car Leasing the research was carried out with psychotherapist Lohani Noor. She said: “Your driving hand position certainly reflects your mood and personality.

“If you feel uptight or stressed, you might have both hands on the wheel and shoulders up. This can also be the case if you’re an antisocial personality type. If you have a more relaxed personality, you’re more likely to drive with one hand on the top of the steering wheel.”

We look at the nine driving positions Ms Noor has picked out and decode what they mean in terms of personality type.

steering wheel

The perfectionist…

…positions their hands how their driving instructor taught them: at ten to two. According to Ms Noor they are the sort of person who plays by the rules, dots the ‘I’s and crosses the ‘T’s.

steering wheel

The minimalist…

…has one hand on the bottom part of the wheel at about four o’clock. They like life to keep life simple and don’t make a fuss about things.

steering wheel

The boss…

…places one hand firmly either side of the steering wheel. Rather than quarter to three as driving instructors prefer, they’re at twenty to four. Doing this shows they consider themselves to be a safe pair of hands. Being in control comes naturally to them and they consider themselves to be trustworthy.

steering wheel

The supporter…

…holds the wheel at twenty-five to five. They grasp the wheel from below, clasping their fingers over the wheel. The position shows someone who is a great listener, supportive of their friends and family but who is happy for someone else to take the lead.

steering wheel

The dude…

…doesn’t take life too seriously and avoids getting too stressed out by driving. With one hand on the wheel at about one o’clock, they project a casual and confident vibe to other road users.

steering wheel

The adventurer…

…also makes a pretty relaxed driver. They have one hand in the middle of the wheel which apparently shows they enjoy living life to the full. Popular with friends they enjoy thrill seeking in life.

steering wheel

The diplomat…

…is another to forget what their driving instructor taught them. They put both their hands on the middle of the wheel. According to Ms Noor this shows they’re thoughtful and considered. They look at the bigger picture and are keen to avoid conflict.

steering wheel

The nervy one…

…holds the wheel at a quarter to three just like their driving instructor told them. However, unlike how they were taught, they cling onto the wheel for grim life. It shows they’re extremely anxious. But it’s not all on the negative side: they also make great friends and are very conscientious and thorough.

steering wheel

The Bulldozer…

…drives with one hand on the centre of the wheel so they’re constantly ready to hit the horn. They’re busy and bossy and happy to push ahead with things and deal with any problems later on.

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