Quiz: What do you know about breaking down?

breaking down

None of us leaves home in the morning wanting to break down. Sadly, thousands of us will. But how much do you actually know about breaking down? Take our quiz to find out what you know – or otherwise – about conking out at the roadside.

Take our quiz on breaking down below


Well done! In the unlikely event that you break down you know the basics of what you should do.

You need to brush up on your knowledge. We want everyone who breaks down to stay as safe as they possibly can.

#1 You suffer a puncture on a normal motorway. What should you do?

For the sake of other road users, don’t keep driving!

#2 What’s the advice if your car breaks down in the active lane of a smart motorway?

Smart motorways don’t have a hard shoulder so it’s important you know what to do if your car conks out.

#3 What do the marker posts beside motorways indicate?

The markers beside a motorway are there to help so you should know how to read them.

#4 If you break down on a motorway, where on the hard shoulder should you stop?

Bear in mind if you break down, the hard shoulder is a very dangerous place to be stopped

#5 You’re driving along at 60mph and your car suddenly loses power. You should…

It could happen to any of us, so try again until you get the right answer.

#6 When should you put out a warning triangle?

A warning triangle can be an important aid to road safety – but only when it’s used properly.

#7 When your car is broken down at the roadside you should turn the steering…

Follow this tip and even if your car is hit from behind it won’t be shunted onto the carriageway.

#8 If you break down on a motorway where should you wait for help?

This guy’s got it all wrong. He should be behind his car and preferably waiting somewhere safer.

#9 An orange dashboard warning light comes on as you’re driving along. You should…

Breaking down on the motorway is a safety risk. What’s the point if you can do your best to avoid it?

#10 How far apart are the safe emergency refuge areas on smart motorways?

Road safety campaigners are calling for these refuges to be closer together.


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  1. D M Hooper 22/12/2019 12:02 AM

    Good one. Didn’t know about smart motorways though.

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