Quiz: Drivers’ lucky charms and superstitions

What do superstitious truck drivers do in America?

As St Patrick’s Day gets underway, countless revellers will hijack the religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland, and dress up in green-coloured outfits to keep themselves invisible to leprechauns that are said to like nothing more than pinching unsuspecting individuals.

One or two pints of Guinness are likely to be consumed, and pubs and bars around the world will be ringing out to the cries of “Luck of the Irish!”, an expression that dates back to the 19th century, when Irish miners enjoyed successes during America’s gold and silver rush.

To mark the occasion, we’ve compiled a quiz on some of the world’s strangest superstitions for drivers.

According to David Kay and Lynda Springate, authors of Automotive Mascots, lucky charms and superstitions for drivers can be traced to the Egyptians and Romans. They would hang good luck charms on chariots before setting out on a long journey or going into battle.

So if you want to rev up your luck, see how many of these legends you know.


Congratulations. It took more than luck to score that well.

Bad luck. Perhaps a lucky charm would have helped?

#1. Which colour did American racing drivers once avoid painting their cars?

Bad luck!

#2. What should you sprinkle in your car for good feng shui?

Bad luck!

#3. Who is the patron saint of travellers?

Bad luck!

#4. Which country considers it lucky to have bird droppings on a car?

Bad luck!

#5. What do some superstitious drivers lift when crossing a bridge?

Bad luck!

#6. What helped power British race ace David Coulthard to Formula One victories?

Bad luck!

#7. In a tunnel, what do some drivers hold?

Bad luck!

#8. What do superstitious truck drivers do in America?

Bad luck!

#9. What do you do with an omamori lucky charm?

Bad luck!

#10. What might Japanese drivers hide from view when passing a hearse?

Bad luck!


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