Halloween quiz: Cars in horror movies

Horror movie quiz

Halloween is almost upon us. For those that like to get into the swing of things and indulge in a spot of trick-or-treating, we’ve come up with a themed quiz for fright-night.

Based around cars that have appeared in some of the best-known horror movies of all time, it’s perfect for anyone who may have spent more nights than they care to admit to, cowering behind the sofa as horror flicks unfold.

Find out how whether you were paying attention or hiding behind a cushion, by trying our 10 devilishly difficult questions.


You’re freaking good at this!

Don’t be scared; try again!

#1. A design problem gave this car’s maker nightmares; the car also sheltered the main characters of Cujo from their pet dog. Which is it?

Don’t be scared; try again. This car was famous for all the wrong reasons. Some burst into flames when crashed into from behind.

#2. Name the Alfred Hitchcock horror movie that features an Aston Martin DB2/4

Don’t be scared; try again

#3. A rampaging truck hunts down the driver of a Plymouth Valiant in which movie?

Don’t be scared; try again

#4. Which 4×4 was chased by a T-Rex in Jurassic Park?

Don’t be scared; try again

#5. Which horror movie featured the director’s Oldsmobile Delta 88?

Don’t be scared; try again

#6. Which horror movie, based on a Stephen King novel, featured a Plymouth Fury?

Don’t be scared; try again

#7. Which Cadillac appears alongside Rutger Hauer in The Hitcher?

Don’t be scared; try again

#8. If you called Ghostbusters, what car would they arrive in?

Don’t be scared; try again

#9. Kurt Russell and a Chevrolet Nova star in which Quentin Tarantino film?

Don’t be scared; try again

#10. The posh Jaguar XJ12 starred in which spoof zombie apocalypse?

Don’t be scared; try again


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  1. joe lee 19/12/2019 8:32 AM

    When Chris is talking with Brad and Sara in their living room, scenes from the movie Halloween can be seen on their television. As you have previously read, Debrah Hill is the producer of this film and Halloween as well.

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