Money matters: the most expensive (and cheapest) cars to service and repair

Which are the most expensive cars to service and repair?

If there’s one thing other than breaking down that’s guaranteed to set drivers steaming, it’s finding out that their car has a serious problem. After all, serious problems frequently mean big repair bills.

Knowing which cars are expensive to fix can give drivers a head-start. It lets them choose a car that will help them stick to a motoring budget that already has to allow for fuel and insurance.

To help car owners make an informed decision about car costs, we compare both the average and most expensive repair costs revealed by garages and warranty companies.

It pays to avoid cars with shocking repair bills

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Used car buying guide: Proper off-roaders and serious 4x4s for £5000

Proper off-roaders 4x4s

You don’t get more rugged than a Land Rover Defender (Picture © Land Rover)

Proper off-roaders are hard to find in the age of the Chelsea tractor. And it’s tempting to imagine that few four-wheel drive SUVs tackle anything much tougher than a succession of speed bumps on the daily school run or commute to work. But actually off-roaders, or 4x4s, are bought by thousands of drivers who depend on them to get them over rough ground in all weathers, or tow a horse box, boat, caravan or trailer.  Continue reading