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Tailgating drivers cause one in eight crashes


Driving too close to the car in front increases the chances of crashing, the Highways Agency says (Picture iStock)

Are you guilty of tailgating or driving too close to the car in front? If you are, government agency Highways England warns it could only be a matter of time before you crash. It claims that one in eight accidents on motorways and A-roads is due to tailgating. It adds that about 100 people a year die because of vehicles following too closely.

This makes tailgating the third most likely cause of crashes in the UK. It comes behind failing to look properly and not judging another vehicle’s speed accurately. It’s such a problem that Highways England has launched a campaign to draw attention to it (below). Read on to find out why tailgating is so dangerous.

Why do road users drive too closely?

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Quiz: How well do you know the most famous people from motoring?

Quiz: How well do you know the most famous people from motoring?

From Henry Ford to Enzo Ferrari, Nigel Mansell to Bernie Ecclestone, these are the people who’ve made a meaningful contribution to the car industry, drivers and enthusiasts the world over. So we’ve devised a tricky quiz to see how much players know about each famous face from motoring.

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London Motor Show preview: what’s going on, where and when

London Motor Show preview

F1 world champ Nigel Mansell is one of the star attractions at the London Motor Show

Britain doesn’t have its own international motor show so the London Motor Show will be trying to fill that gap when it opens in south London’s Battersea Park on May 6.

Unlike traditional motor shows which are simply glorified car parks that rely on the quality of exhibits from car makers to draw the crowds, British Motor Shows have been a bit different in recent years. This one follows the UK’s trend for shaking things up. Rather than simply having cars to ogle over, this show is promising a more interactive experience.

When: Opens Friday May 6, 10am-6pm. Runs until Sunday May 8, 5pm.

Where: Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park, London SW8 4NW

London Motor Show preview: what will be there?

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