Cheap fuel

New home refuelling company lets you fill your car from the sofa

Home refuelling

Companies that fill you up at home are a frequent sight in the US. Now you can do it in the UK too (Picture Booster)

Drivers of electric cars know all about the convenience of home refuelling. Now, going out of their way to stand on a blustery garage forecourt could become a thing of the past for drivers of diesel cars.

Currently one of the big benefits electric cars have is that drivers with home or workplace charging never need to visit a fuel station. But a new service is promising the same feature for drivers of conventionally fuelled motors. It currently operates in London where its bosses claim it saves drivers 100 hours a month by taking away the need to go to a filling station.

How does home refuelling work?

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Cheap fuel: how long will drivers benefit?

Cheap fuel

Drivers are currently enjoying cheap fuel at the pumps but how long will it last? (Picture © Portland)

Cheap fuel that appeared to be getting ever cheaper has been one of the more welcome features of summer 2015. Diesel fell to being cheaper than it’s been for five years. And it became cheaper than petrol for the first time in 14 years. So are cheap fuel prices really here to stay?

Cheap fuel: Why did diesel prices fall so much?

The cost of fuel – whether it’s petrol or diesel – is linked to a variety of factors. Motor fuel’s raw material, crude oil, is traded in dollars. So the relationship between the pound and dollar is important. Currently sterling is strong meaning a pound will buy more dollars. The wholesale price – the cost of fuel to filling stations – is vital too. This is low at the moment because Saudi Arabia has been increasing diesel production for Europe at the same time as European demand has dwindled. As a result, over the past year, the price of crude oil has virtually halved.

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