A star is horn: what does your star sign say about your driving?

In the midst of Mercury Retrograde, we’ve teamed up with astrology extraordinaire Francesca Oddie to reveal how different star signs behave when on the road, and how their different personalities can affect how they respond to a range of motor-related issues.

From changing a tyre or experiencing a vehicle breakdown, new insight has revealed what the astronomical signs can reveal to us about drivers.

Have you ever wondered how an Aries is likely to cope in a breakdown? Do Aquarians prefer to drive or be driven? Are Sagittarians better at looking after their cars? Do Virgos get their Dad to help look after their vehicle?


Aries tend to have little patience for traffic jams, usually opting for a shortcut if there is one. Aries are adventurous but they aren’t always fond of interrupted plans. In a breakdown, an Aries is likely to initially let out their frustrations but then their pragmatic nature kicks in as they get on with sorting out the problem and calling their breakdown provider.

Where they are driving this summer?

Heading off on a mini break and mini adventure with their new love.


A Taurus will tell you that they are very “easy going” in all situations and will be perfectly fine waiting on the roadside for assistance. Taking life in their stride they feel problems are always fixable and there is nothing that can’t be managed. Because they’re practical individuals when something goes wrong with their car, they’ll figure out the next best steps to get their problem solved easily by either calling their breakdown provider or referring to reputable sources online to help guide them to fix the problem.  

Where they are driving this summer?

To their favourite nature spot.


Gemini is arguably the least calm sign of the zodiac. In the event of a breakdown, Geminis will call their parents, sisters, brothers, friends, messaging everyone they know on WhatsApp to alert them of the news. You’ll also find them updating their social media live tweeting progress reports. When the breakdown technician arrives, they must be prepared to answer 100 questions. 

Where they are driving this summer?

To the party.


If you’re road tripping with a Cancer this holiday, you’re in luck! Cancers will assume responsibility for everyone and make sure their friends and family feel safe should their vehicle experience a breakdown. Proactive and protective, they’ll follow safety procedures to the letter despite how emotional and vulnerable they might feel. They’ll put on the hazard lights and have their high-vis jacket on before you know it! A Cancer is the archetypal caregiver, excellent at keeping it together during a breakdown even if they are feeling a little overwhelmed.

Where they are driving this summer?

To grandmas for some tea and a slice of cake.


You heard it here first – Leos are the best people to have in a car should a breakdown occur. They had a “fantastic experience” last time they needed someone. Beacons of calmness and authority, you can trust that they’ll know the best people to get you moving again. As spirited fire signs, Leos are natural leaders and feel confident they know the best way to get the car fixed but if they aren’t a trained mechanic, always remember to consult an actual expert to make sure the vehicle is safe for the road.

Where they are driving this summer?

To see friends for lunch.


The most organised, prepared and practical sign of the zodiac has every eventuality covered. Their car is immaculate both inside and out, and the car service guide is always where it’s supposed to be, neatly stowed in the glovebox. Detail-orientated Virgos know the mileage on their car and have it serviced every year without fail without the need for a reminder. Virgos will efficiently call for assistance and do everything they can to ease the job of the mechanic. Don’t fear about the recovery team not finding you – with a Virgo in the vehicle, you can rest easy knowing they’ll give precise location details and back up phone numbers – it’s always good to be prepared!

Where they are driving this summer?

Dropping their friends off home.


Known for being charming, well-balanced and having an eye for beautiful things, it’s all about equilibrium with this star sign. For example, their immaculate car may not be working but that doesn’t mean a Libra needs to lose their cool as when it comes to a road emergency – there is no panicking in a breakdown. Libras thrive in difficult situations as these give them space to do what they do best; think things through, look for alternative solutions and show they have everything in working order.

Where they are driving this summer?

A romantic getaway.


Loyal, smart and shrewd Scorpios will want to feel in control in all situations. It could be that they are expert mechanics, but not having the ability to fix their car in the moment would result in them feeling deeply frustrated. Instead of getting annoyed in a breakdown, a Scorpio will take back ownership and look to manage the situation until there is resolution provided by the breakdown provider.

Where they are driving this summer?

None of your business.


The Sagittarius sign is the most adventurous and optimistic sign of the zodiac. Life can sometimes be chaotic but with good luck and the help of other people, there is nothing to worry about. Sagittarians will thrill you with tales of where their travel adventures went hilariously and dramatically wrong but the issue was quickly resolved by their trusty breakdown provider who helped them on their way and got them going again.

Where they are driving this summer?

To a holiday.


The ultimate worker bees – if a Capricorn breaks down en route to their staycation destination it’s a guarantee they’ll be disappointed that their car has failed them. Failure and things going wrong is the kryptonite of Capricorns everywhere. They assume responsibility for everyone and everything, a car breakdown is no exception. Deeply upset that they didn’t notice a problem with their vehicle sooner, they try to ascertain where they had gone wrong in not spotting the problem sooner. They’ll talk with the breakdown mechanic as they try to fix the problem because they’re eager to learn how they can do better.

Where they are driving this summer?

To a meeting.


Cool, calm and collected: these are Aquarians go-to personality traits. Even when faced with an unforeseen travel event they are fantastic in a crisis and very rarely ruffled. They tend to be more frustrated by daily mishaps than a big catastrophe, it’s all part of their lovable Aquarius paradox and charm. They’re forever grateful to their breakdown provider as they help give solutions to the problem they are facing.

Where they are driving this summer?

On a roadtrip.


Pisces is likely to be the star sign that is most caught out by a surprise. They will benefit most from the kindness of someone who can help them out – like their breakdown technician who can get their vehicle up and running once more.

Where they are driving this summer?

Where are any of us headed?

Astrologer Francesca Oddie said: “The way someone drives reveals a lot about their true self. In our cars we are free to sing, shout and cry to our heart’s content!

“Mercury rules communication and short distance travel. When Mercury appears to be retrograde, we can expect problems and delays with communication, travel and getting anything from A to B. Whether that’s an email, the conversation you’re having with your partner, the train being cancelled or your car breaking down.

“Everything goes a little wonky! It’s not all bad, Mercury rules chance encounters and astounding coincidences! The peak of this retrograde cycle is on the 11th of June when Mercury aligns completely with the Sun; we can expect a whole lot of chaos with respect to travel and delays.”

Here at Green Flag, we wanted to team up with Francesca to inject a bit of fun into breakdown assistance and discover the reasons behind why we react the way that we do when we run into trouble with our cars.

Whether you’re a Pisces who has forgotten to top up your oil in your car, or an Aries who has created more problems for your car through trying to fix it yourself, Green Flag is always on hand to come to the rescue – and we’re fully prepared to answer the 100 questions from our Gemini customers!