Fuel shortage: what this means for your cover

We want to keep you updated on what the fuel shortage means for you and the services you can from us.

First and foremost, we’re still able to help you if you breakdown, but please read all the information below.

Also, we’d encourage everyone to only drive if you’re certain you have enough fuel to complete your journey.

Do Green Flag’s technicians have access to fuel?

Our technicians are in the same situation as everyone else.

We don’t have any special access to fuel. This means we’re facing long wait times at petrol stations and we’re at risk of fuel shortages as well.

Will my technician be delayed if I break down?

Unfortunately, if you break down, there could be a delay in our technician getting to you. This is due to some of our technicians having to wait for petrol, and because of the traffic caused by queues across the country.

Importantly, we’re still here to help you if you breakdown, there just may be a bit of a delay. We’ll always keep you updated on your technician’s estimated arrival time. 

Am I covered if I run out of fuel?

Our policies do include assistance when you run out of fuel. However, as our technicians are facing the same issues that many others are, we’re having to prioritise certain customers when they run out of fuel.

If you run out of fuel, we may only be able to help if you’re a vulnerable customer or if you’re in a dangerous location.

We’ll not be able to provide you with any fuel, but we’ll get you to a local petrol station if that’s possible. If we’re not able to do that, we’ll take you home or to a safe location instead. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way whatever happens.

Please be extra careful and only travel if you’re certain you have enough fuel.

Am I still able to use my Onward Travel (and get a hire car or taxi)?

If your policy includes Onward Travel, we’ll still aim to provide you with a hire car or a taxi if it’s required.

But, please be aware that the companies that provide these services will be in the same situation we’re all in. So, they may also be facing issues or delays, and we may need to arrange an alternative travel option for you.

We’ve put some simple advice together for anyone looking to use less fuel while they drive. It’s well worth a read if you are going to hit the road.

Finally, we’ll update this page if circumstances change. So, please check back and can keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for updates.