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Diesel car sales fall but new tech could make it cleaner and greener

Diesel cars

Diesel cars are blamed for poor air quality courtesy of their exhaust emissions

Diesel car sales are falling as drivers turn their back on it because of health concerns. But diesel power is about to hit back with new technology designed to reduce harmful exhaust emissions.

Official figures show that sales of diesel cars were down in the UK by a fifth in May 2017 and by 15 per cent in June. That’s compared with the same period in the previous year. The slump is believed to have been caused by various factors. The high-profile Volkswagen diesel cheat device case raised people’s awareness of the harm of the nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollutants diesel produces. But people are also concerned that diesel cars may be slapped with hefty taxes.

However, we can reveal that diesel is hitting back. Automotive technology giant Continental has worked out how to make a much cleaner diesel car.

Why do we need diesel?

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Why your car doesn’t give the MPG you expected

VW Golf 1.6TDI is claimed to do an impressive 74.3mpg (Picture © Volkswagen)

VW Golf 1.6TDI is claimed to do an impressive 74.3mpg (Picture © Volkswagen)

Car makers along with the official fuel economy tests they all use have been blasted for showing cars to be more economical than they really are. An independent consumer organisation found this means some car firms can say their models return between 18 and 50 per cent more miles per gallon than regular buyers achieve. It would see drivers of some cars paying nearly £520 a year more than the company’s advertising led them to believe.  Continue reading