Skoda Roomster

£5000 family cars to replace a Vauxhall Zafira

£5000 family cars

From the side it appears a bit van-like but the Roomster is surprisingly spacious (Picture © Skoda)

Drivers looking for £5000 family cars after having their confidence knocked in the Vauxhall Zafira still have plenty of choice. The seven-seat Zafira has been the subject of high-profile social media campaigns and an investigation by BBC Watchdog . More than 130 were reported to have suffered serious overheating problems that led to in excess of 20 fires being investigated by Vauxhall.

The car maker is offering concerned drivers a free safety check. But for many, that won’t be enough. For all those who were thinking of buying a Zafira, and for existing owners who have lost their faith in the practical Vauxhall, we’re looking at three rival £5000 family cars.
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