Convertible roof repair: cleaning, caring for or replacing you car’s hood

Convertible roof repair
With the chimes of Hear Comes The Summer now a distant memory, drivers of soft-top cars should think about convertible roof repair before the winter weather sweeps in.

The life of a fabric or vinyl hood for a convertible, cabriolet or roadster can be greatly extended by cleaning it correctly and then reapplying a waterproofing agent. At the same time, any nicks and tears can be patched up, much like a child’s pair of jeans, and electrical or mechanical problems can be fixed without resorting to a complete replacement of the hood.

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Used car buying guide: the best £10,000 sports cars

Buying a used sports car requires drivers to do their research and approach cars with care. Sports cars by their nature are bought to be driven in a spirited fashion and so it follows that many used examples will have led hard lives. Knowing what telltale signs to look out for is important. And knowing which cars are any good in the first place – it’s all too easy to to let the heart rule the head with a sports car – means doing your homework. Fortunately, Green Flag is here to help.  Continue reading