Pick-up trucks

Pickup trucks: which are the best for towing, fuel economy and families?

Pick up trucks: which are the best for towing, fuel economy and families?

British drivers don’t have to cast their mind too far back to remember when pick-up trucks were exclusively the preserve of big, burly builders who’d never heard of a hard hat, let alone a health and safety risk assessment.

These days, pick-up trucks are a common sight. There have been great advances in choice and quality, increasing the pick-up truck’s appeal to more self-employed people than ever. They’re noticeably better to drive, more fuel efficient and more comfortable and safe for a family – without being any less hardworking.

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Top Gear episode 6 review: Why pick-up trucks make sense

Top Gear episode 6 pick-up trucks

The latest generation of pick-up trucks such as the Volkswagen Amarok can be refined and make great family cars (Picture © VW)

Pick-up trucks featured heavily in Top Gear episode 6. Richard Hammond may not have had a ‘highly trained search and rescue unit’ coming to his rescue in Canada’s Rocky Mountains. But at least James May and Jeremy Clarkson picked the best wheels for the job when they went in search of their colleague stuck at the top of a snow-covered mountain.

Pick-up trucks have grown in popularity hugely over the past decade. Creature comforts, safety and the general driving experience have improved dramatically, and stepping from a family saloon to a pick-up truck is not the shock it once used to be. Clarkson and May drove American models – the supersize Ford F150 Raptor and Chevrolet Silverado – which are not only taller than Richard Hammond but bigger than the typical pick-up truck available in the UK. If you are thinking of buying a pick up truck, here are five reasons why they’re worth considering.  Continue reading