Used car buying guide: Luxury cars for £6000

Used car buying guide: Luxury cars for £6000

There’s one certainty about luxurious executive cars that cost a small fortune to buy new: they quickly lose a bonfire-size pile of money and become affordable for drivers from all walks of life.

So if you’ve always craved a car that pampers passengers with more creature comforts than a five-star hotel, the good news is you can spoil yourself without breaking the bank.

As ever, you must check a car’s history carefully and seek out the best cared-for example, rather than the biggest bargain. But do your homework, choose wisely and you could live like a Lord and drive in the lap of luxury.

Here are three executive cars that aren’t the usual suspects yet are worth going the extra mile for.
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Car satisfaction charts: Lexus tops 2015 Driver Power poll

Car satisfaction charts

Lexus IS: owners voted it the overall winner of the Auto Express Driver Power survey (Picture © Lexus)

Top of the car satisfaction charts is the Lexus IS, according to the annual Auto Express Driver Power survey. The poll of 61,000 drivers in the UK rates 500 cars across 10 categories. These classes include reliability, running costs, practicality and in-car tech. They have been designed to build a picture of what cars are like to live with. The top five cars in 2015 all scored more highly than the winner in 2014. It suggests cars in general are becoming easier to live with.  Continue reading