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Fuel price rises to impact Brit drivers

Fuel price rises

Paying for fuel has got more expensive with rising oil prices

After months of cheap fuel, the price of petrol and diesel is set to rise. As a result of escalating oil prices, drivers’ forecourt costs will increase after months of stable low prices. However, there was good news in the 2016 Budget. Chancellor George Osborne revealed that fuel duty will be frozen for the sixth year in a row.

However, the rebounding price of oil and the weaker pound could see fuel prices rise by up to 3p per litre in April. The result could have a dramatic impact on how Brits use their cars, according to new research by Green Flag. The study claims that 31 per cent of British car owners will drive less than they currently do because of fuel price rises. Astonishingly, one in 20 car drivers will stop driving altogether thanks to the increases. Continue reading

Emergency budget 2015: The good, the bad and the expensive for drivers

Emergency budget 2015

No breaks: Mitsubishi Outlander is currently the UK’s favourite plug-in car but won’t get cheap road tax from 2017 (Picture © Mitsubishi)

Drivers were both winners and losers after the Emergency budget of 2015. All drivers will have to pay more for insurance. Meanwhile, a change to the way Vehicle Excise Duty is structured will make eco cars and more expensive motors pricier to put on the road. Here’s how the budget will affect drivers.  Continue reading