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Used car buying guide: Best £5k seven-seat car

5k seven-seat car

It might not look like a seven-seater but the Hyundai Santa Fe has that option (Picture © Hyundai)

The £5k seven-seat car. Think you can’t get one? Think again. Seven seaters come in more shapes and sizes than simply van-like MPVs. Here we look at three different hugely flexible family cars that are readily available for £5000 and offer excellent value for money if you need space.

£5k seven-seat car: Hyundai Santa Fe Overview

When Hyundai launched this version of the Santa Fe in 2006 it was an instant improvement on its awkward-looking predecessor. For a start it looked an awful lot better. It also had an option to specify seven seats; the previous model had just five. So when you’re looking for your £5k Santa Fe, make sure it was originally ordered with seven seats.
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Ford’s front camera: the car that lets drivers see round corners

Ford's front camera

The camera in the car’s grille lets the driver see round corners without pulling out (Picture © Ford)

Thanks to Ford’s front camera, drivers will be able to see round corners at previously blind junctions. It’s hoped the new technology could prevent accidents caused by drivers edging out in order to see if their path is clear. With Ford’s front camera, drivers just have to inch the nose of their car out at the junction. The camera, installed in the front grille, then offers a 180-degree view of approaching traffic. It means drivers don’t have to put themselves, their cars or other road users in jeopardy when they want to pull out. Here’s how it works.  Continue reading

New cars for 2015

New car highlights from 2014 include the funky Citroen C4 Cactus, the sharp-suited Audi TT, a much more stylish Nissan Qashqai and the all-new Ford Mondeo. In terms of new cars for 2015 the motor makers have some more treats up their sleeve. Here are half a dozen newcomers from next year that are set to make a splash in dealerships.  Continue reading