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Changing car light bulbs: How much does it cost you?

Changing car light bulbs

It may cost nothing for a dealer to change the headlight bulb in this Renault Captur. Or it may cost you £40. (Picture © Renault)

Changing car light bulbs used to be something anyone with the scantest mechanical know-how could manage. But as cars become ever more complicated, so replacing a broken bulb has become increasingly expensive – for some drivers at least.

A new investigation has revealed a shocking variation in the price charged by motor makers for this simple repair. Some dealers offer free bulbs, some do the actual fitting for free, and some provide both at no cost. However, others can charge upwards of £70. And there’s no uniformity across manufacturers.  Continue reading

Car satisfaction charts: Lexus tops 2015 Driver Power poll

Car satisfaction charts

Lexus IS: owners voted it the overall winner of the Auto Express Driver Power survey (Picture © Lexus)

Top of the car satisfaction charts is the Lexus IS, according to the annual Auto Express Driver Power survey. The poll of 61,000 drivers in the UK rates 500 cars across 10 categories. These classes include reliability, running costs, practicality and in-car tech. They have been designed to build a picture of what cars are like to live with. The top five cars in 2015 all scored more highly than the winner in 2014. It suggests cars in general are becoming easier to live with.  Continue reading