2016 Quiz: How well do drivers know this year?

Few of us will forget 2016. It has been a momentous year, with all manner of change. Drivers have felt a few bumps in the road too. From the state of the nation’s roads, to the ups and downs of BBC Top Gear, the year has taken as many twists and turns as an Alpine pass.

The beginning of the year saw Volkswagen drivers in Britain confused by the company’s refusal to compensate drivers here, despite agreeing to settle with American buyers.

Then came warnings that the nation’s roads were in such a dire state, it would cost eye-watering sums of money to repair all the potholes.  Continue reading

New cars 2016: the 20 hottest motors coming to the showrooms this year

Coming to a showroom near you: the 20 hottest cars of 2016 including the Honda NSX

For drivers, 2016 promises to be a bumper year. It’s getting off to a good start with low fuel prices and will quickly rev up even more as exciting new models go on sale in Britain’s dealers.

There are likely to be incentives to buyers to maintain momentum in the market, and the rise of autonomous, self-driving technology will increasingly find its way into more models. But it’s still the new cars that are the stars in 2016. Here are 20 of the most exciting new models coming to a showroom near you.

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