Euros for Cars semi-finals: Spain’s bullish Seat Leon takes on England’s mighty Mini. Vote now!

Euros for Cars 2016 Seat Leon vs Mini

Can England beat Spain in Green Flag’s Euros for Cars 2016? Follow the semi-final clash on Twitter, using #Eurocars2016

The line-up for the Euros for Cars 2016 semi-finals has been decided, and it promises closely fought, wheel-to-wheel action which anyone using Twitter can get involved in. Tonight, from 7pm, Spain’s bullish Leon hatchback will take on England and everybody’s favourite classic car, the plucky pint-size Mini.

The action doesn’t stop there. Tomorrow night Albania will tackle Belgium, in a clash between the robust Mercedes E-Class, which makes for a hard working taxi in Albania, and the even more rugged Minerva, a Land Rover that was built under licence in Belgium for the nation’s armed forces.

For all of our contenders it’s been a tough battle getting to this point. The idea was that each country taking part in the 2016 UEFA European Championship is represented by a car, and Twitter users get to vote for their favourite motor using #Eurocars2016 when the corresponding fixtures are played on the football field.

Euros for Cars 2016 Mercedes E-Class vs Minerva Land Rover

Green Flag’s Euros for Cars 2016 sees the Mercedes E-Class take on the Minerva Land Rover in the semi-finals

In the first quarter finals, there was a shock with the modern SEAT Leon trouncing France’s classic Citroen 2CV 2-1.

The cars that made it out of the fiercely fought group stages were the Mercedes W124, Citroen 2CV and Dacia Logan from Group A. Out of Group B, we had the Mini, Skoda Fabia and TVR Sagaris. Fighting it out in Group C were the Volkswagen Beetle, DeLorean and Fiat 500. From Group D we had the Seat Leon and Skoda Octavia. Group E provided the Minerva Land Rover, Fiat Punto and Shamrock. And Group F’s offerings were the Toyota Yaris and Volkswagen Eos.

Interestingly, if we match the Euros for Cars against the real thing, of the 16 cars that made it out of the group stages, only three didn’t make it in the real Euros. Those teams were Albania (Mercedes W124), Romania (Dacia Logan) and the Czech Republic (Skoda Octavia). The disappointed countries who made the last 16 in the Euros but not in the Euros for Cars were Hungary, Croatia and Switzerland.

Can England and the cult classic Mini make it into the finals?

In that last 16, there were some astonishingly close votes, none closer than the battle between Wales (TVR Sagaris) and Portugal (VW Eos). The German car prevailed by a slender 2 per cent – 51 per cent to 49 per cent. Some of the results in the Euros for Cars were 2-1s (two votes for every one). That’s how England (Mini) triumphed over Poland (Fiat 500), how France (Citroen 2CV) overcame Northern Ireland (DeLorean) and how Albania (Mercedes) beat the Republic of Ireland (Shamrock).

Meanwhile Belgium beat the Czech Republic by three votes to one and in a shock that echoed their Euro 2016 football giant killing, Iceland trounced Italy 3-1. In a reverse to what happened in reality, Spain stayed in the competition with the SEAT Leon polling three times as many votes as the Skoda Fabia. Seems that there are plenty of passionate Leon drivers out there. In typical footballing style, the Euros for Cars saw the Germans (VW Beetle) hammer Romania (Dacia Logan) by 91 per cent of the vote to 9.

Can England and the cult classic Mini make it into the finals? Be sure to follow all the action from the semi-finals of Euros for Cars 2016 by using #Eurocars2016 on Twitter, and make sure you vote for your favourite car to power it through to the finals.

Voting for each match begins at 7pm. Click here to go to the Green Flag Twitter account.

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