Rugby star’s thumbs up for car health checks

When Green Flag and Activate Sport teamed up this summer it wasn’t just the kids who got a work out. Their parents’ cars were given a thorough health check, and so were the motors of the rugby stars helping with the training. 

While the kids were getting professional advice on the pitch, led by summer camp organiser Activate Sport, Green Flag’s expert technicians were giving their parents’ cars a once over in the car park. The free car health checks have been designed to ensure vehicles are in tip top condition with the correct fluid levels and tyres that are roadworthy.

And it wasn’t just the parents who benefited from them. Tom May, who is captaining Rugby Premiership returnees London Welsh this year and was helping to train the budding rugby stars, confessed: “In terms of the mechanics of my car and its tyres, I probably need to take better care. I’ve already been told off by one of the technicians for the state of my tyres so I need to get those fixed!”

But he’s hoping for better luck on the pitch. He told the Metro newspaper: “The top quality names who are coming to this club have given everyone a spring in their steps. We will respect our rivals but we can’t just sit back and test the waters, we have to tear into teams and get stuck into them.”

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