‘Dolly Parton’ joins Green Flag for Glastonbury Festival

Green Flag's Dolly Parton entertains festival fans

Green Flag’s Dolly Parton entertains festival goers

Dolly Parton is famous for many things; fixing cars isn’t among them. But at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, Green Flag members who’ve broken down will think one of the world’s most famous country and western singers has come to get them back on the road. 

We’ve recruited the country’s foremost Dolly Parton tribute act to accompany a technician working within 20 miles of the festival venue on June 25. And with breakdowns in the Glastonbury area forecast to be up 53 per cent because of the festival, the ‘Bandwagon Service’ is likely to be working more than, in the words of Dolly’s hit song, nine to five.

The unique offering to festival goers will give them a sneak preview of Sunday night’s headline act when the famous singer takes to the stage for real. In the meantime, Green Flag’s Dolly, performer Kelly O’Brien, will serenade them as a Green Flag technician sets to work on fixing their car.

Kelly told us: “I’ll be doing ‘All I Can Do’ to keep those Green Flag customers unlucky enough to breakdown on their way to Glastonbury in high spirits, while a technician gets them back on the road and to the festival, no matter what.”

With up to 360 breakdowns predicted on that day and only one ‘Dolly’ to go around, Green Flag will provide broken down members who aren’t attended to by the singer with a Dolly Parton Festival Kit. Included is a Dolly Parton Greatest Hits CD, blonde Dolly wig, mole kit and ponchos to prevent rain ruining the real thing’s Sunday set.

Five Dolly Parton inspired tips to help you steer clear of trouble

• To prevent ‘Something Fishy’ happening to your car, have it checked by a qualified mechanic at least a week before the festival

• Check all fluid levels and tyre pressures (spare included) and top up as necessary to prevent a ‘Heartbreaker’

• Don’t ignore any ‘Blue Smoke’ coming from your car. If you see smoke of any colour, pull over and call for help

• If you be a ‘Travelin’ Man’ (or woman) make sure you keep your phone charged and some coins for a pay phone in case you breakdown and there’s no mobile signal

• Become a Green Flag customer so that if you do breakdown, there’ll be no reason to ask ‘Daddy Come and Get Me’

Dolly Parton entertains Glastonbury goers at the roadside

Dolly Parton will help get music fans going

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