Dolly and Green Flag get Glastonbury fans going

Green Flag members on their way to the 2014 Glastonbury Festival were shocked to find that it wasn’t just a technician who turned up to get them going again. Dolly Parton was in his van too.

But rather than the queen of country and western, the national breakdown provider had actually teamed up with Dolly tribute act, Kelly O’Brien. While James set to work fixing cars that had conked out within 20 miles of the Glastonbury festival site, ‘Dolly’ entertained them with her famous pink acoustic guitar.

Green Flag’s Sam Taylor said: “One of the most anticipated acts at Glastonbury this year is Dolly Parton. So what better way to keep festival goers who’ve broken down in the mood than with a special roadside performance from the country’s number one Dolly Parton tribute act? Our technicians don’t just work nine to five, they work around the clock to get people where they need to be no matter what.”

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