The 10 cars that offer the most space per pound

If you’re buying a car for practical purposes, you might have wondered which cars offer the most space per pound and perhaps how much you’re paying for a litre of load area. We looked at 50 of the most useful motors on sale from SUVs to estate cars via MPVs. We then divided the cheapest model’s sticker price by their load space when the seats are folded. The result gives us the top 10 most practical cars per pound. 

Toyota Auris Touring Sports offers the most litres per pound (Picture © Toyota)

Toyota Auris Touring Sports offers the most litres per pound (Picture © Toyota)

Toyota Auris Touring Sports £9.09/litre
Other than for their unburstable dependability, Toyotas never top polls – until now. Although not famous for either estate cars or value for money, the Auris estate’s competitive £15,095 price tag and 1660-litre load space top this ranking.

Kia Cee’d Sportswagon £9.12/litre
The Cee’d doesn’t look as dynamic as other Kias. But it lives up to the Korean firm’s reputation for value for money, courtesy of a £15,000 price tag and 1645-litre load bay.

Fiat 500L MPW £9.47/litre
Fiat is famous for making small cars with large hearts and with its 1705-litre boot and the smallest exterior dimensions of any car on this list, it lives up to that. It’s not cheap but the massive load space overcomes that.

Octavia is the first of two Skodas in our top 10 (Picture © Skoda)

Octavia is the first of two Skodas in our top 10 (Picture © Skoda)

Skoda Octavia Estate £9.83/litre
At 1740 litres, the Octavia is the car with the biggest boot in the small family car class so it’s no surprise that with a £17,115 price tag it makes this list. What is perhaps surprising is that it beats its larger Superb sibling in value for money terms.

Hyundai i30 £10.11/litre
With a smaller boot, albeit by just three litres, and slightly more expensive, the i30 can’t match its Kia Cee’d sister car when it comes to load space per pound.

Peugeot 308 SW £10.15/litre
Acclaimed as an all-rounder, the handsome 308 has a 1660-litre load space. Combined with its £16,845 price, it eases into this list adding value for money to its other attributes.

Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer £10.58/litre
With just 1550 litres of load space, the Astra Sports Tourer has one of the smallest carrying capacities in its class when the seats are folded. But at £16,400 it has one of the cheapest prices too.

Skoda Superb Estate £10.62/litre
The Superb is famous for limo-like leg room and its boot is truly enormous with 1865 litres of load space. However, its £19,815 price tag means that it doesn’t finish higher up in this ranking.

Chevrolet Cruze Station Wagon £10.78/litre
It might have a sleek shape but those curves eat into the Chevy’s boot space. With just 1475 litres of load space, the Cruze needs to be priced competitively. Modern Chevrolets have always been sold in the UK on the value ticket and at £15,500 this is no different.

SsangYong Rexton £10.78/litre
The Korean seven-seat SUV is the first large SUV in this ranking. With a massive 2040-litre load space it’s also got the largest load area in the top 10. That, combined with the Rexton’s competitive £21,995 cost, eases it into this list.

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